Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Netragard ( F--- )

Netragard ("") tries to be a Professional IT Security Services Provider that offers a wide range of services including by not limited to, Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Tests, Web Application Assessments, Computer Forensics, etc. At first glance we were expecting to poke holes in Netragard because of their "Got Milk" like introductory page. Theirs reads "Got Hacked" and we thought it was a bit dorky. But we were certainly surprised. They are more "fluff" than anything! IN FACT.....

After further research, we also noticed that this "Security Review" site was built by Adriel Desautels himself. Kinda cool, eh? If you don't believe me, check the blog on his company web-site, - Could you have at least used a different font or different Blog platform? Was business that tough that you had to start a blog and publicly humiliate people, their reputations and their livelihood Mr. Adriel T. Desautels?

Perhaps it was the absolute "stellar" review you gave yourself, that gave yourself away?

We, the new and improved SECReview team would like to officially rename the SNOsoft team to BLOWsoft and formally apologize to the people and the companies that Adriel Desautels and David Morris insulted and defamed.

Please read these reviews from the mind of a jealous, manipulative and calculating competitor. Certainly not an unbiased third party that provides a community service to the public...

All of our researchers here at the new SECreview team are trying to determine if there is a Grade that is less than an F for this so-called company Netragard, since giving them an F- is still too nice!

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Anonymous said...

This whole site is a Hoax! This so-called "rating" site is hosted, maintained and run by the same owners of Netragard, Adriel T. Desautels and David Morris. Does anyone know how to get this thing shut down? How is this not defamatory and illegal?