Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Eric S. Perkins said...

""Anonymous said...

Eric was not actually fired ... what happened was as the manager of Pro Serv he demanded control of his team. If you know any of the executive there they are only figureheads and JM makes all the calls. So Eric was to work out of the US only. Then JM tried to change the cut Erics salary stating the US was not performing. Finally, this very recent.... JM did not pay the balance of of what was owed for the purchase of PNS.
So Eric and JM are doing battle over this...""

Whoever posted this is dead on. this is what happened... Thank you for posting this.

Christopher said...

I worked with Eric, Jesse and the rest of the Performance Network Solutions team for a year and a half while at Secure Computing. Eric ran an excellent company. His sales guys knew our product and brought value to every opportunity (there were a ton of deals) and his services team was A+ all the time. PNS was my go-to vendor at Secure. I never had to worry about them at all.

As for this Comment:
"Eric was fired/quietly let go from that place. Something very bad/maybe illegal he did to a client a couple of months before his last day."

That couldn't be further from the truth. Eric is a stand-up guy with ethics and honesty in his DNA.

Anonymous said...

Hello Eric;

I am sorry to hear of your plight with Cyberklix.

Your story is yet another example of similar stories where Cyberklix has tried to stiff ex-employees on their due compensation.

I hope that things work out for you in the end.

Anonymous said...

My biggest wish to see Eric sues John for big money.....


Anonymous said...

US Operations are shut down. After buying a very successful company, with highly talented people John ran it into the ground in just over a year.

Why would someone buy a company that has a clear vision, great relationships and then terminate the people that make it work?

This guy is a piece of work. A friend of mine said the building in Chicago is putting a lien on his personal assets.

Anonymous said...

Go get em Eric. You deserve every penny You get!

As for Cyberklix and John I have one thing to say:

Hey Hey Hey
GOODBYE Cyberklix!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I guess you are all wrong huh!