Saturday, April 5, 2008


Anonymous said...

is there an nguard review still coming?

John Verry said...

The "SecReview" team demonstrated a high level of professionalism during the review process. We were given ample opportunity to express our point of view and found the process fair and objective.

Based on our experience we believe their efforts to be admirable and a benefit to consumers of Information Security services and the Information Security community as a whole.

John Verry, Principal Consultant @ Pivot Point Security

The Security said...

Please consider

Thank you.

Love your work!

BTW your hushmail mailbox is full.

ITMadden said...

Any chance you could perform a review on Redspin?

John Abraham said...


Our team has brought to my attention that you are reviewing our company, Redspin. We welcome an objective review of our services, however, it has come to our attention that we have been getting contacted from someone saying they are a potential customer but the source of those inquiries are linked to a security company. I have no contact information for the reviewers, but if you can contact me, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your methodology, the basis for your reviews and full disclosure of any potential conflict of interest between this review site and affiliates.

John Abraham, CEO, Redspin, Inc.